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    To determine and approve all official APAI education.

    Jennifer Shaffer(California), Chair
    Danielle LaCost (Wisconsin)
    Adam Endel (Nevada)
    David Blumberg (Maryland)
    Alan Brady (Grand Cayman)
    Alicia Handwerk (Ohio)
    Carleton Giles (Connecticut)
    Jonathan Ogletree (Kansas)


    To elevate the awareness of crime victims issues in the post conviction processes and to ensure that the professional development opportunities offered, facilitated and supported by the Association contain sufficient content relative to victims and survivors of crime and their role in the parole and reentry process.
    One of the current assignments of the Victims Committee is to develop a Model Protocol for paroling authorities to ensure victim participation in the parole process.

    Randi Losalu (Wyoming), Chair
    Tina Fox (Tennessee), Vice-chair
    Jeralita Costa (Washington)
    Anne Seymour
    David Gutierrez (Texas)
    Lorie Brisbin (DC)
    Libby Hamilton (Texas)
    Lonzo Henderson (Alaska)
    Najah Barton (DC)
    Shalandra Robertson (Georgia)
    Denise Porter (Utah)
    Elizabeth Rothwell (Canada)
    Martin Jones (Europe)
    Thando Tsetsewa (Africa)


    To promote and encourage a strong, viable and sustainable membership.

    Danielle LaCost (Wisconsin), Chair
    Jennifer Oades (Parole Board of Canada)
    Jonathan Ogletree (Kansas)
    Dan Fetsco (Wyoming)
    Renée Collette (Ontario)
    Matt Degnan (Rhode Island)
    Benita Murphy (West Virginia)
    Lonzo Henderson (Alaska)
    Edward F. Reilly (Maryland)
    Jasper Clay (Maryland)
    Martin Jones (Europe)
    Thando Tsetsewa (Africa)


    Trayce Thalheimer (Ohio), Chair
    Kecia Rongen (Washington State)
    Kelly Corder (Florida)
    Steve Hayes (Georgia)
    Fred Medley (Indiana)
    Tim Graham (New Zealand)


    To Promote the Use of Best Practices in Parole

    Sandy Jones (Idaho), Chair
    Dan Fetsco (Wyoming)
    John Costello (Ireland)
    Mike Keeler (Nevada)
    Christopher Barnett (Georgia)
    Deborah Ebanks (Cayman Islands)
    Lisa Blanchette Chamorro (Rhode Island)
    Benita Murphy (West Virginia)
    Mark Keating (Kansas)
    Debra Humphreys (Cayman Islands)