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    APAI is privileged to be able to offer our audio training to the Paroling Community at large. These popular quarterly programs include a 60-minute discussion followed by a 30-minute Q&A period. They are facilitated by national and international experts on the subject’s topic.

    Membership in APAI is not a requirement for participation in these programs.

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    Training Powerpoint Audio
    June 18, 2008
    "Legal Issues in Parole"
    Stan Adelman
    .ppt file .wav file
    May 28, 2008
    "Sex Offenders: What The Research Reveals"
    Franca Cortoni
    .ppt file .wav file
    January 17, 2008
    "Risk Analysis for Parole/Releasing Authorities: Facts, Myths and Trends"
    Jim Austin, PhD
    .ppt file .mp3 file
    November 1, 2007
    The Adam Walsh Act
    Laura Rogers, Esq.
    -- .wav file
    June 21, 2007
    Bridging Issues Surrounding Adolescent/Youthful Offenders in Adult Facilities
    William "Bill" Sturgeon
    .ppt file .wav file
    March 8, 2007
    Principles of Mental Health and Drug Abuse Treatment for Criminal Justice Populations
    Fred C. Osher, MD
    .ppt file .mp3 file
    October 28, 2006
    Maintaining a Positive Relationship with the Media
    Scheree C. Lipscomb
    -- .mp3 file
    September, 2006
    Gender Responsiveness
    Phyllis Modley & Pat Van Voorhis
    .ppt file .wav file
    Principles of Drug Abuse
    Dr. Redonna Chandler
    --- .mp3 file
    Dr. Joan Petersilia
    --- .mp3 part 1
    .mp3 part 2
    Violent Offenders
    Dr. Chris Webster
    --- .mp3 file
    Principles of Effective Intervention
    Edward Latessa
    --- .mp3 part 1
    .mp3 part 2