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    Senior Policy Analyst -
    The Council of State Governments Justice Center

    New York, NY

    Please click job title for full information.

    Working as part of a team of staff assisting states engaged in justice reinvestment, the Senior Policy Analyst brings expertise and experience with what works in correctional supervision, programming, risk assessment, and behavioral health to help states implement new policies and practices to reduce recidivism, corrections spending and improve public safety. Justice reinvestment is an intensive, data-driven technical assistance approach to assist state policymakers with reducing spending on corrections and reinvesting in strategies to increase public safety and reduce recidivism. The Senior Policy Analyst will work with multiple justice reinvestment state projects at a time and in each state, he/she will lead the implementation technical assistance efforts to assess current practices in risk assessment, programming, supervision and behavioral health at the state and local level, and implement policy changes to improve correctional outcomes, reduce recidivism and help create safer communities.

    The successful candidate will be able to leverage his/her understanding of the research about what works as well as his/her practical experience in corrections and/or behavioral health to help policymakers and practitioners alike improve state criminal justice policy and practice through interbranch, collaborative efforts. This position reports to the Program Director, State Initiatives, but will be in regular communication with the Division Director and Deputy Directors, other division staff, and occasionally members of the CSG Justice Center Board of Directors, and funders. The position requires extensive travel. The Senior Policy Analyst position offers a significant level of responsibility, autonomy and the opportunity to influence important advancements in criminal justice policy at the state and local level

    Please note: APAI does not offer these job postings. They are offered through outside organizations and agencies. For questions or comments, please use the contact instructions included on the job offering's respective page.