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Ashley Koonce, Executive Director • 936-344-1377
2024 Annual Training Conference • May 2024 • Seattle, WA

Association of Paroling Authorities International

The recognized voice for the highest professional standards of responsible parole practices.

Conference History

Conference Theme Year Location
Balancing Hope, Fairness, & Accountability for Stronger Communities 2023 Kansas City, MO
Innovative Trends: Globally Impacting the World of Discretionary Parole 2022 San Diego, CA
Connecting and Energizing Parole Across the World 2021 Arlington, TX
Parole: A Force for Public Safety & Positive Change 2019 Baltimore, MD
Best Practices: An Investment in Successful Parole 2018 Incline Village, NV
A Global Look Forward: International & Diverse Perspectives on Parole 2017 Vancouver, British Columbia
The Future of Parole: Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunity 2016 Daytona Beach, FL
High Risk, High Needs, High Profile 2015 Columbus, OH
Defining Success: Increasing Public Trust & Confidence in Parole! 2014 Broomfield, CO
Parole: Diverse Paths to a Common Goal 2013 Providence, RI
Practicing Smart Justice: Innovative Practices in Parole 2012 Orlando, FL
Collaborations & Partnerships: The Keys to Success 2011 San Antonio, TX
Powerful Partnerships: Successful Re-entry in Fiscally Stringent Times 2010 Savannah, GA
Parole: The Bridge to Success 2009 Newport, RI
The Power of Partnerships: Strategies for Success 2008 Louisville, KY
We Know What Works: Moving from Research to Policy to Practice 2007 Chicago, IL
Successful Parole: The Bridge to Public Safety 2006 Reno, NV
Parole: Meeting Our Challenge of Reentry Through Collaboration 2005 Baltimore, MD
Parole: Safe and Effective Reentry 2004 Savannah, GA
Parole – Now is Our Time 2003 St. Louis, MO
APAI: Where Parole Ideas Connect 2002 Salt Lake City, UT
Parole: Meeting the Global Challenge for the Millennium 2001 Washington, DC
Promoting Parole Internationally: Contributing to Global Public Safety in the 21st Century 2000 Ottawa, Canada
Beyond Prison – It’s A Small World 1999 Biloxi, MS
Parole Summit-What Works 1998 Boise, ID
Parole: A Partner in Community Safety 1997 Omaha, NE
Parole Our Vision for the 21st Century 1996 Kansas City, MO
Parole: An Effective Strategy That Works 1995 Denver, CO
7th Annual Conference 1994 Orange Beach, AL
6th Annual Conference 1993 New York City, NY
5th Annual Conference 1992 Oklahoma City, OK
4th Annual Conference 1991 Myrtle Beach, SC
3rd Annual Conference 1990 Toronto, Canada
2nd Annual Conference 1989 Atlanta, GA
1st Annual Conference 1988 Washington, DC

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